white room

The White Room opens its gates to those who want to explore paradise.

Float among clouds of purity in this vanilla sky.

Explore novelty, whether you want to watch Netflix or chill.

Blue and Gold 2.jpg

blue room

The Blue Room soaks up those who wish to experience fluidity.

Surf atop waves of pleasure in this ocean of infinite flow.

Experience depth, whether you wish to reflect before surrounding mirrors or rock atop a bed of water.


red room

The Red Room ripens those who will express passion.

Thrive within a garden of excitement in this oasis of fruition.

Express growth, whether you will do it with our leather accessories or your own imagination.

Bathroom 1.jpg


Seated in a Victorian mansion in downtown Toronto, all Fantasy Rooms in Tokyo Love Hotel provide:

♡ a comfortable double bed (waterbed in Blue Room)

♡ fully mirrored walls

♡ a HD smart TV with free access to Netflix, YouTube, and internet

♡ free Wi-Fi access to internet

♡ an ensuite bathroom stocked with towels and hygienic products and equipped with a rainfall shower (plus a shower wand in Blue Room)

♡ an iPad for submitting requests to our promptly responsive housekeeping personnel

♡ a Welcome Package with refreshments, sweets, and adult goodies


special amenities

♡ The Blue Room provides a waterbed centered within a full perimeter of mirrors

♡ The Red Room provides a selection of black-label adult toys and a Liberator lounger-chaise