history of love hotels

Love hotels began appearing in 17th-century-Japan as discreet and secret hotels. In the 1960s, they came to mainstream prominence in Tokyo, where they served as intimate getaway locations for those parents who sought to privately express their romance for one another, outside their small family households with common sleeping areas. Since then, the popularity of love hotels has boomed in Asia and has gained momentum in other corners of the world. Today, most love hotels offer short-term accommodations that promote romance and respect discreetness. In Japan alone, there are nearly 40,000 love hotels that are visited by some 1.5 million couples per day.

essence of toronto’s Tokyo Love Hotel

Toronto’s Tokyo Love Hotel embodies the rich Japanese history of love hotels. It is the first and only authentic love hotel in Canada. Nested within a Victorian mansion in the heart of Toronto, we provide classy, discreet, and proper accommodations that welcome individuals from all walks of life to discover diverse aspects of relationships, romance, and intimacy.

At Toronto’s Tokyo Love Hotel, you can rest for an hour, play for an evening, or stay for a night. In any case, you will create a memory of a lifetime. Each of our one-of-a-kind Fantasy Rooms offers the ideal setting for various levels of readiness. We are committed to making all of our guests’ visits comfortable, pleasant, and unique, whether you want to explore boundaries with a crush, experience novelty with a date, express passion with a spouse, or extend love with a partner.

pure cleanliness

Toronto’s Tokyo Love Hotel has established tremendously rigorous standards of cleanliness, and its staff strives to meet these standards throughout all of the hotel premises, both inside and outside of the Fantasy Rooms. Our follow-up surveys indicate that 100% of our guests have been satisfied with our Fantasy Rooms’ cleanliness. That is because our professionally trained housekeeping personnel thoroughly and meticulously cleans and sanitizes each of our Fantasy Rooms immediately following the departure of every guest, in order to maintain a hygienic, tidy, and welcoming environment for all of our visitors.

unique discreetness

Like its Japanese predecessors, Toronto’s Tokyo Love Hotel values discreetness. All reservations are completed online, and the processes of self-check-in and self-check-out are anonymous. Tokyo Love Hotel utilizes mobile technology that allows our guests to privately enter our hotel and Fantasy Rooms, by using their smartphones as keys. The Victorian mansion in which we are located is not marked with any identifiable signage, and credit card charges from our hotel appear as an acronym and not as our hotel name.

our top priority

Our top priority is our guests’ satisfaction. We strive to continuously meet our internal standards and exceed our guests’ expectations. We have established an esteemed reputation, especially for our customer service and cleanliness. We encourage all visitors to learn more about our performance on our Reviews page.


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